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Distinguished Alumni and James F. Cole Memorial Award Nomination Form

Distinguished Alumni Award: 
Nominees must have attended New Mexico State University. The nominees will be judged according to their contributions to society, and/or their profession, after attending New Mexico State University. While not mandatory, contributions to the advancement of New Mexico State University and service to the New Mexico State University Alumni Association will be considered.  Persons employed by New Mexico State University or currently serving as a member of the New Mexico State University Board of Regents, or person(s) active in positions relating to University operations, such as state legislators or government officials, are not eligible.

James F. Cole Memorial Award:
The criteria for selection is based on support to New Mexico State University, involvement with New Mexico State University, civic and humanitarian service and professional service. Nominations for this award will remain active for three years following the date of nomination unless the nominee is selected for the award. The recipient must have attended New Mexico State University or be an active member of the Alumni Association before the date of selection.  Alumni who are members of the New Mexico State University faculty or staff are also eligible.

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