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Your membership allows the Association to provide and sponsor great programs for our alumni (now over 125,000, that is a lot of Aggies), our students, and friends of New Mexico State University. These programs include the Aggie Panorama, alumni and student awards, and scholarships.  A grad fair is held each fall and spring to help seniors get everything for graduation done at one time in one spot. We offer the NMSU Official Ring and sponsor a ring ceremony where students with 65 credit hours or those graduating are presented their ring on a red chile ristra. Click here for Aggie programs.

The NMSU Alumni Association encourages you to join or renew your membership. We want you to "Connect and Reconnect" with fellow alumni and reap your membership
benefits. All you need to do is choose the type of membership that works for you. Click here to join/renew.

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If you are unable to join online, please contact the NMSU Alumni Office at 575.646.3616 or 1.866.678.2586 (toll free)  and we will process your membership by phone.

The NMSU Alumni Association appreciates your participation. GO AGGIES!

Types of Membership

$5.00 from each membership will go to the New Mexico Centennial Alumni Scholarship Fund. To learn more about the scholarship and how it is changing students’ lives, click here

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Young Alumni (Up to five years after graduation)
Single $15.00

Aggie Level
Single $40.00

Joint    $60.00

Crimson Lifetime Level (12 month installment plan available)

Single $500.00

Joint    $750.00

Alumni Association and Aggie Athletic Club

Single $140.00

Joint   $160.00

Other ways to support: 

New Mexico Alumni Centennial Scholarship

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You must be an Alumni Association member in order to join any chapter/club below.

These chapters are generally organized on a county-wide or area-wide basis so those Alumni who reside in outlying areas may be included. These chapters must be open to anyone who is constituted as an alumni and lives in the general area. Click here for list of  general chapters.

These chapters can be organized by Alumni who are interested in specific based academic programs. The chapters listed below fall into this category. Click here for a list of program chapters.

These chapters are generally organized by Alumni who share similar interests.These chapters must be open to anyone who is constituted as an alumni and who share similar interests of the chapter. Click here for a list of interest group chapters.

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The benefits are certainly worth the costs and the support you provide NMSU is invaluable.

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The NMSU Alumni Association thanks you for your support.